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30 July 2012
I grey
You white
They brown
I hate upstairs
You like hiking
They hate cycling
I angry
You lying
They yelling
I don't have reasons
You talk about the reasons
They just running out of excuses
I feel like a monkey
You are a donkey
They look like group of ducks
I brush my teeth
You need the mouthwash
They don't have any teeth
I can't swim
You jump into the water
They have to get wet everyday
I sweat
You hate sunshine
They work under the sun
I wear sandal
You need vibram shoes
They just never care about their feet
I sleep when the sun rising
You sleep at the trail station
They can't sleep
I feel like a jerk
You are a king
They die

I run so slow
You walk just in progress
They are just in the shadow
I like the darkness to sleep
You turn the light on
They give hand to pull me because its morning already
so I have to redesign my last bad dream
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