30 July 2015

I'm here now in the last fight as single lady who prepare her wedding day like ninja. I don't rush anything, but try to manage everything. I don't shout out my anxiety, but thinking about it all day long. I don't regularly update the preparation, but make a to-do-list almost everyday. Wedding planning isn't easy really, it's like never ending process! Once we're thinking this is enough, it was actually not. Everything from the check lists they've told me, it's overwhelming. Once the elation and phone cells calmed down, I dove right into a contemplation. What I've missed? What things forgotten when my head dive into the wedding check list? What phenomenons they've missed to told me?

I've found things that surprised me which nobody's told me earlier. I give to you this post hope you'll have another side to see the wedding process. Enjoy.
You don't really need to follow the now-era. I've been thinking about brides-maid and wedding vow and things that really define in society, look into kinfolk-wedding pictures on Instagram feeds and my eyes glued. Is this the new color of wedding day nowadays? Is this matter? Is this really necessary? Is this common? Is this what I should take? I know it is so damn good-looking and you're always wanted you wedding day good looking. But back to where you came, your culture, your blood. Wedding should be very you and not the trends. Grab some, and grow your own concept. Don't waste your time.

One that you really need to remember before prepare your wedding day is: man are not multitasking and they're don't give a damn hard-thinking to choose the colors, design, and another knick knacks. So don't be grumble and annoyed if they can't help you with those things.

The last two weeks before big day, I don't know if it's only happened in me or anybody, but hard for me to remember anyone who has my invitation and how many my friends, his friends, families, dad's partners or mom's gangs who will come, and I really can't focus to know how many they are. I just feel like I'm invited nobody. I wish someone had told me earlier so I could prepare this strange anxiety.

For the last month, STOP following wedding accounts -include the dress, photograph, place, anything- in Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. But if you need to beautify your feeds, I suggest to follow lifestyle or family accounts that posting cute babies and family-harmony. Or read family-life blog which has always been my doing such as: Momma's Gone City, Love Taza, The Homebook, and Life at Arcilland. Your knowledge need to still on progress rite?

Sunshine Baby from Momma's Gone City, she's an angel who always brighten up my morning.
Don't be too busy with your boyfriend. Friends told me, when a couple prepare the wedding, they need to do good coordination, deal with conflict, come at collaboration, support each other, be patient with moody, etc etc etc. Too many bride-and-groom-to-be things and we often forget our family -which soon will we leave behind. Even tough we stay in a roof, but sometimes the chatter is still about wedding day and marriage. I think it would be better if we talk about our family life, our business, our thoughts, our hidden secrets, then do much joking, tease each other, cuddling, caressing, oh so beautiful (yet emotional) moments should be (and a month is not enough).

That's a wrap. Hope this post help you (much more) enjoying the wedding preparation. And, OH, it is two days left heading the big day. May you send us good and pure prayer, joy to remember, and your best support. Have a good day, good people!


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