The Unknown Phase

18 July 2015
For the last three days, I've been having an unnatural phase. It was really weird like kids play hide and seek in the zoo and they find themselves swimming in bathtub, oh I wish I could explain in sentences but words rrrrrreally hard to get!

I'm happy, very happy! I'm going to marry the man I love, I'm going to have my own life with everything comes from my (and his) hand. On the other hand, another feeling comes in randomness. I was scare, curious, very sleepy, worry, freeze, panic, excited, sad, busy, lazy, odd, pretty, awkward, awesome, ugly, grateful, hungry, can't sleep, oh Lord this is going to be very chaotic. What should I do now? Should I jump into the river and hold my breath until I forget all those weirdness?

This is out of my brain capability. Talk about the wedding run-up is fun, talk about what's our plan to our little family is energizing. But all the positivity always life side by side with negativity and myself don't have a genius strategy to flush em away. How come I feel sleepy but can't sleep? Which theory could explain the way I feel? Or, do you guys understand what I'm going to say here? Is this confusing -oh forget about my bad English but hey, am I confusing? Because I really really confuse now.
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