11 Random Questions

6 September 2016
Diajakin bikin post tentang 11 pertanyaan random sama Mbak Mira, dan ini diaaa jawaban si nyonya Justin Larissa yang lagi girang karena besok mau terbang kesana kemari.

1. What are 5 little things that make you happy?
Hot Nestea Thai Tea in a cup, minced garlic frankfurter sausage deep-fried, good books, sky, and hugged by husband.

2. If it's possible to live your live like a movie, which movie would you choose?
I don’t have movies that quite representative to my own life, but I love to be in Despicable Me, maybe as Margo, Edith, and Agnes big sister and I can crazy-play with those minions everyday! Pengen banget injek-injek muka minion!

3. Current playlist?
I am Sam and Amélie soundtrack

4. One thing about life you wish you had known 5 years ago?
Walk slower when you are emotional.

5. Favorite bookshop(s)?
Aksara, Gramedia, Togamas, toko buku bekas di Terminal Blok M, magazine stall, all the places that provide much kind of books will mesmerize me.

6. What's the last thing you did for the first time?
HSG, USG, vagina test, anything about pregnancy program, the last test was a month ago.

7. K-drama & k-pop, yay or nay?
K-Drama, yay. K-Pop, nay. But actually last time I watched Korean Drama was like, years ago when my mom watched My Love from The Stars and after she told me the man was an alien, I stop watching and disappear. Bye.

8. The best finger lickin' good food?
KEPITING bumbu lada hitam/saus padang/mentega/apapun! Dead! DEAD!

9. What do you think about the cabinet reshuffle?
All I know is I believe and support Mr. President. I believe this person was really nice and he’s been fighting so hard to make Indonesia a better living place. So his plans (including cabinet reshuffle) saya dukung!

10. Your favorite guilty pleasure habit?
Looking for handsome-macho-muscle-tall-sexy voice-sexy eyes-sexy brewok-guy on the internet and imagine how sexy is being hugged by him hahaha. My guilty-pleasure guys are Chris Evans, Armie Hammer, Liam Hemsworth, Joe Wicks, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, aduh ampun stop! Stop!

11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

And if you guys see this post interesting and challenging, go get your self a questions-copy and write down your own! I would be happy to see your post, so please share your 11-random-questions link on the comment box. Happy Tuesday!
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