Dear teachers, dear students


Good morning everyone, today my topic is “Inherit national culture and cultivate international feelings”


Paper will sleep shallow, never know the matter want to practice. IB's educational concept advocates that we should realize that people and the world are interdependent as long as we live in this world. We should fully develop the spirit of learning with pleasure, also we should go out of the classroom, explore nature. These are what our school advocate.


Hence, how to cultivate the international feelings as a student of LCGS? We should think from the following three aspects:

1.  积极参与探究活动

Actively involved in the inquiry activities.


LCGS are committed to cultivating excellent citizens of the world. Each semester's inquiry activities and Hong Yi courses can help us broaden our horizons and increase our knowledge in practice.We passed more than half of China, touched mark of the Red Army's long march once again. We rode in line by the Qinghai with scarlet raincoats and faced cold gale. We walked across the Tengger desert with quicksand and stars…Every activity makes us get more sense of mission and responsibility.

2.  灵活转变学科探究方式

Transform subject inquiry modes flexibly


We have carried out a research on the integration of diversified disciplines in the concluded course of Hong Yi course. The students in the economics group understand the possible negative impact of business operation on the third partyso that deepen our recognition of the importance of government economic decision-making and environmental protection. And also let us have more three-dimensional understanding of Economics. Going out courses can deepen and integrate the knowledge of books, find the meaning of learning and bring us surprises at last.

3.  抓住学习外语的黄金时机

Seize the golden opportunity to learn a foreign language


FACEBOOK有一项研究表明,流利地掌握一门语言的最佳时段在4-18岁。不久前,我校学子参与了NHSDLC组织的2019年美式辩论赛,辩题为“各国是否应该取消核武器库States should eliminate their arsenals of nuclear weapons”,不仅极大地提升了同学们的口语和逻辑思辨能力,还培养了同学们关注国际大事的意识。英语特色是兰碧教学特色之一,小学部在剑桥少儿英语考级中取得了优异的成绩;两个中学也在积极参与英语相关的竞赛,如英语能力大赛等。兰碧开设的CAS课程中含有初级日语、乐学韩语社团、英语趣配音等等,在平常的学习生活中给大家提供了很多接触外语的机会。

脸书 has a study that shows that the best time to master a language fluently is between 4 and 18 years old.Our students participated in the 2019 American debate competition that organized by nhsdlc,which the topic is “States should eliminate their arsenals of nuclear weapons”. It not only greatly improves students' oral and logical thinking ability, but also cultivates students' awareness of international events. English is one of the characteristics of LCGS. The primary school has made outstanding achievements in the Cambridge children's English test, and two middle schools are also participating in English related competitions actively, such as the English Proficiency Competition.In our daily life, we have a lot of opportunities to learn foreign languages, such as our CAS courses include elementary Japanese, Korean community, English dubbing, etc



International sentiment is to treat the world and different cultures with an open and curious attitude.We cultivate students' correct values and attitudes and cultivate them to concern about global issues. Besides, we improve students' awareness of their own sense of responsibility. These help students to realize the shared responsibility of being global citizens in the world.


Hope every LAN Bi student can explore the world actively around him in his later study and life, and get along well with the people around you.

Thanks for your listening.



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