Hai Hai Friends!

Welcome to my online home!

I'm Justin Larissa, boss of this here blog. So glad you're here, I hope you'll sit and stay awhile. Then pull up a bear, get yourself comfortable, have a cup of Thai Tea or hot chocolate, and enjoy my blog.

Enjoy Everything Blog is a virtual space where I share bits and pieces of my little family's adventures around the world. I write mostly about travel, and as the nature of this blog I also share our life here in multi-cultural and beautiful country Indonesia, how we enjoy day by day living our life to the fullest, celebrate wife-hood together with the skincare I used and make me look glowing from the outside, good food, books, things that made my life even colorful, things I found interesting and beautiful, sometimes my personal thoughts, and sharing these things that may give you shots of information and touch of caring, are my little treasure. Read here if you want some plus plus information about me and scroll down to know more about the blog.

My husband and I were two lovebirds who love to enjoy everything: good and bad, rain and dry, black and blue, salt and sugar, chicken and fish, happy and super happy, we love everything universe gave us (oh thanks God!) and I’d love to share these beautiful feelings to all of you thru our journey. We used to not make lengthy plan about our life, about our trip or our daily to-do-list because universe is infinity! There’s no limit to explore and get surprised by everything! We follow the wind spontaneously, so what I share are all things we like and enjoyment comes in the first place! I want you to feel that feelings too, as your vitamin and friendly journal.

Anyway, who are "husband and I" actually?
Even I'm a pure Javanese, my name sounds like too western and boyish for Indonesian hahaha. My dad named me Justin Larissa, as his prayer me being a fair mighty kind of person (really, Pak?). This blog run daily by me as the only author, but my husband (known as Mas Gepeng) has a role to be content evaluator and sometimes editor -if I need a checker. He also my personal photographer, my travel partner and adviser, someone who always be relied to "would you please ask them where the halal food restaurant is?". Evidently, he has a wild dream about traveling to places that never occurred to me. Starts with Nepal, then Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, what else? Even so, I'm happy knowing my favorite travel-partner is crazzzzzy than I thought. Our journey must be fantastic!

So far, where are we left footprints?

For the love of Indonesia, at my young age I've visited Sabang, Aceh, Medan, Padang, and around Java for rafting activity. The places I've traveled with my husband since 2016 were Lampung, Lombok, Bangka Belitung, Banjarmasin, Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, and Toraja. We started travel abroad at 2016, visited Malaysia, Singapore, and Nepal. The lists will continue to grow, and 2017 we'll visit Hong Kong, Malaysia (Penang Section), London, and Filipina. Simply click the head bar-menu above to read full stories all of our journey.

We push our dream to travel the world come true by working so hard-and-happy in formal company (I've been working for one of the biggest bank in Indonesia and husband in a well-known human resources consultant), saving (a lot!), and living as economical as we can. I wish someday I can have social work that is about animal-research or something, and environment savior. Seems like I born outside with living creatures live side by side. Can I get an amen? Thank you :D

Well, have a good day dear friends, don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything you want to ask. 

Enjoy our journey and my blog. Muah!