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Mid March

Reading: Perfect Fit from Carly Phillips, that I love it so much! The first Serendipity Series and hit my heart like, ooooh, the strong characters she made are easy to stole every heart! Cara and Mike, the main character, are two love-birds life as police in small town, named Serendipity. They got a mission to reveal dormant case that turns out to involve people in the past, Mike's biological father. Along with it, their relationship growing starts from bed (read: sex), then finally they are getting fit, complete each other. I like Cara, and Mike too. Cara is kind of independent, sexy, smart, tough, strong determination, and care. And Mike, aaaaahh Mike! He's hot! Everything about him has flown me up high! Seductive, serious, funny (his own way), gentle, macho, I imagine Mike was like Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey, together with his hypnotic eyes and lips. God, I'm melting~

Moreover, others character here are very lovable, and they mean to complete the whole story. I love the way Carly combine every single piece into a very great role. Everything was sweet.

Enjoying: My new baby snowy, Asus A455LF Laptop in white color. My latest laptop finally retired after 8 years of great companionship. He did a very great job! My first Photoshop's activity, my thesis, this blog, love letter, journal reviews, family photos, rafting plans, rest in peace dear my handsome Compaq. I love you.

Planning: To do weekend gateway to Buah Batu, Bandung. A good friend of mine is getting married and the wedding reception will be held in Bandung. My husband and I think this is also a good day to us to give ourselves a little holiday. Hence, today my focus is blur because I'm too exciteeeeeed!

What makes me happy every morning: My yellow passion fruit plant is growing up so fast! It evergreen leaves are pretty, it travels to fence thru the wire we set, and I can't wait it grow over the roof of the garage.

Considering: I don't know why but my dismenore is getting worse lately. Nausea and breathless everytime my period come, is killing me. I wonder what makes me survive from this back in college, is because I regularly do some sports, 5 days a week. How about now? Saturday, if only possible (read: not lazy). That's all. Yes I know I need more! I need more move to make this dismenore fall off. Gym? Costly. Little jog every morning? More walking? Simple apps yoga? Where's your routine swimming time? This section is shoot me, hahaha. Ah, forget it. Move on.

What are you up to?


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