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Early June

Feel blessed about: My birthday! I just really enjoy being a year older without so many drama (actually a little drama with my husband haha). I mean, no drama from me to myself because I do appreciate my roller coaster life no matter how it ends (and also anything that doesn't reach the end yet). Thanks God my live on easy street. Even I didn't travel to Morocco or New Zealand yet, and I don't have a new pair woman shoes for a year, and we're still just two of us, but other than that, I am really happy. Happy like really really happy. I can share anything to anyone, I can eat anywhere, I can wear anything, and I can go anywhere I want because I feel like have no onerous burden. I feel so easy, light, flyaway, and mild. These happy aura I'll share like it just happen, to all over the world.

And also I feel so blessed to have big family like them. Counting the months for the last two couples soon will anchored to the ark households.

Start to: Change the Currently posts' title because seeing tag 'Currently' and post title 'Currently' in one view it is quite disturbing :p

Plan to watch: Korean Drama: Descendants of The Sun. I don't know what kind of story they show but the bomb is all around the office. Almost every woman in my office talk about that, no matter in the toilet, meeting room, lunch time. Now I have their (pirated) series copied in my flash disk, hard job now is finding the right time to watch hahaha.

Trying to: avoid canned and MSG food, in order to get healthier life of course. I love cooking, either canned tuna, sardines, crab, or the fresh ones. But my friend told me, if you wanted to have a kid in this time, make your body clean from canned food because they're bad. As bad as instant noodle.

Preparing: our next trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. He? Nepal? Really? Yassssss! We'll go to Nepal inshaa Allah when Idul Fitri, together celebrate the holy Id out of the world. We both are super excited because this is actually have been in our conversation for months. It was like, "maybe its pretty funny if we go to Nepal", or "I don't know what they have in Nepal, lets find out!" (Thanks universe for the support! Thank you! It's gonna happen soon!). Do you guys have places recommended to visit or restaurants to try out in Nepal? Please let us know. We're clueless about Nepal hahaha. (image from here).

Enjoying: watering my garden. Our home has a little yard front of the main door, maybe about 40x300cm. I've planted many kind of plants like avocado trees, jasmine trees, red trees, wheat grass, another grass, parasites, passionfruit tree, and the new comer is twelve pots of baby spinach. Watering is therapeutic, and my nephew also love that activity!

What are you up to lately? Oh don't forget to correct my english if you see something wrong hehe. Thank you!

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