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Everything We Ate in Hong Kong (maybe also a Halal-Food Guide hehe)

When HK round-trip tickets are in hand, my husband and I were so excited about what dishes we would find out there. Mas Gepeng made a list about halal-restaurants and turned out tso many  that actually I didn’t really care about (you know, when too much options and seems meaningless). I eat what I want to eat and talk to myself that I would take off my hijab when I arrive in HK and eat everything no doubt! Yeah from my photos you know that’s not happened at all HAHAHA. So, you’re Muslim or not, here what we ate in Hong Kong.

Hungs Chinese Restaurant, Halal Food Hong Kong
Hung's Chinese Restaurant
In my personal rank, their chicken wings ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Well, my friends told me that I can’t do that hyper-judgment to a dish because I’m not even try every dishes in the world but for 26 years of my life, I know this is the best chicken wings ever! Their secret is ngohiong or as known as five spice powder. Ngohiong is popular spice used in China and what make it powerful is the ingredients. Ngohiong is fusion from fennel seed, clove, pepper, cinnamon, and anise blended together. The taste was unique, sweet and sour together, little bit spicy but delicious really! They marinated the wings and deep fried until golden-brown. Better eat while its hot.

Another dishes they provide are fried rice (they have eight variants), lots of vegetables kind of dishes, seafood like steam white pomfret, shechuan style stir-fried shrimp, garlic steam fresh scallop, and many more. We tried their sautéed choy sun in garlic sauce and taste so so good. We also tried their preserved olive fried rice and also tastes zuper good and the portion was huge (if you are a small belly and have to eat every three hour like me, I strong recommend this place for you and I suggest you to bring your Tupperware). But I didn't fall in love with their steam scallop because it taste no surprise even soy sauce they put on top of angel hair was wonderful.

Where to find them?
It is on the first floor building behind Chunking Mansion. Signs are everywhere don’t worry.

Ma’s Restaurant
I’m gonna do my hyper-judgment again this time because Ma’s’ DEEP FRIED EGGPLANT WITH PEPPER AND SALT was absolutely, precisely, DELICIOUSSSSSHHHHHH! Are there anyone here fall in love so hard with eggplant like I do? Please? Anyone? When we walked around HK wet market, I found they have very big and long eggplant. Two times bigger than we usually have in Indonesia. So I thought it would be so fantastic to have them fried and it's true baby! Their eggplant beat any eggplant cuisine I’ve ever tried in my life. If you want more deliciousness, chunks fried eggplant together with the crumb. ENAK NDES! Magic! Best part is the crunchy stays forever. HKD74 worth to try!

Another menu we tried is deep fried wonton and beef tripe cold noodle with sesame sauce. Both menus are satisfying but my eggplant still won the gold medal hahaha. Another menu you can try in Ma’s Kitchen is mutton curry, steamed chicken with salted and ginger sauce on rice, spicy fish with vegetable, marinated chicken in chili sauce, and many many more dishes. We didn’t order drink because they provide free (and refill) plain tea. Pleasure for backpackers.

When we ate here, we found something interesting: Hong Kong people do not mind to share table with other people when they eat and sit alone. I thought it was just one at that time but I also found in public spaces, they're do sharing table even with us -total stranger. People on the table might not have conversation after all but sharing table is most sweetest thing I found in Hong Kong. I'm sure love that because I always wanted to do that in Indonesia, wherever I sit alone enjoying my time writing or read books. This is worth to copy.

Where to find them?
21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. Use MTR from anywhere and stop at Sha Wan and then walking for around 15 minutes. Save offline map and you'll be easier to find them.

Sushi Take Out
Is sushi a halal-food? I don't know but IMHO, they're halal because its fish and raw proceed. Sushi Take Out is not only my favorite place, is a key to life savvy in HK. They put reasonable price for every meals they have and I was overwhelmed happy. For a nigiri or gunkan with any toppings, it cost HKD3 which is only IDR5142 and they use fresh meat –better reason because in Indonesia, it’s hard to find super fresh sushi like this in medium economical segment. They also have norimaki set like Californian, rolled salmon, and cost less than HKD50! We have them for brunch and dinner and never been satisfy with sushi like this. Thank you for breezing wind and fresh meat, Hong Kong. I love you!

Where to find them?
Sushi Take Out in Hong Kong has 15 branches. The closest from Chunking Mansion is at Prince Edward MTR Station, other 14 stalls are here. They also have places to dine in.

Ebeneezer’s Kebab Express
When you’re abroad and clueless about local-halal-food to find, go for kebab. I think put kebab and another Turkish or Indians dishes around the world is a brilliant idea –and they’re halal-ness make it even better. I’ve tried Shiraz Kebab in Singapore (taste so good), in Hong Kong I tried Ebeneezer’s kebab and curry rice. Taste wonderful! Fillings available here is donar (lamb), gyros (chicken), chicken tikka, shish taouk, kofta, hallumi cheese (I actually wanted to order this but they said it tastes so salty-cheese and I wouldn't like it, and now I'm brutally curious!), Turkish meatball, falafel (vegetarian), and greek salad in pita. Beside their flavorful kebab (damn I love their minty sauce!), other menu you can try is salads, curries, samosas, spring rolls, falafels (alone), and French fries. For a kebab, price is around HKD40 – HKD60, other menu also around that price. If you want lunch package, they have 8 HKD40-menus (kebab/curry + soft drink) which available at 11 am - 5 pm. 

Where to find them?
This is also part of Ebeneezer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria. This eatery has outlets all over Hong Kong, easy to find.

Dim Sum at Islamic Centre Canteen
Planning trip to Hong Kong, I really don’t care or even think about anything else other than dim sum. I love dim sum than siomay. I love dim sum than batagor. I love dim sum than martabak. I love dim sum better than his other families! This time round, my husband asked me to go to Wan Chai to try halal dim sum in a masjid’s canteen. Even I know this is not the best dim sum (yes, I know the best place haha), but trying them in their origins was really made my day.

They have so many kind of dim sum but please note, around 10 am to 3 pm is business hours for dim sum. So if you don’t want to miss any kind of their dim sum, come around 10 am to 1 pm. We’re lucky to try some like steamed beef balls, steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed chicken and vegetable wraps, steamed chicken with black fungus, and steamed vegetables dumpling (for this one, I asked to have my new-friend’s order hahaha). I didn’t order anything fried because I only love steamed dim sum.

As usual, I have my own rank and the winner dim sum at this canteen is……..the steamed chicken and vegetable wraps! Woo hoo! Why? Because the chicken taste so calmly good with it natural broth, kani stick as compliment, young corn and black fungus complete the whole package oh yessss taste brilliant! Wrapped in bean curd also make everything better! For the second place goes to steamed beef balls yaaaay….. Why? Because it was bouncy and taste yummy.

Where to find them?
Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Yat Sin St.

Wai Kee Restaurant
Another bucket list to go to Hong Kong after dim sum is trying their roast duck/goose. I’m so much crazy about duck, you know! And they say Wai Kee has one of the best duck rice in Hong Kong. The best part? It’s halal! Before went here, I walked hilariously to Yat Lok and have been dreaming in advance to go here. Yat Lok Roast Goose Restaurant has won One Michelin Star (2015) even they have a small place, and since that award-winning Yat Lok started serving amazing roast meat with their family secret recipe. I know this place was not halal and I want to eat there no matter what. But I can imagine how strong the wrath of God if I do that hahaha. So my mind got clear when we stand in their very long queue. What about Wai Kee? Yesss THEY HAVE ME MOUTHGASM because their roast duck is like a shooting star! Oh my God I found my highlight! You really have to try I mean it! The golden-crisp duck skin is yummy and strongly favors. Tasty spices brilliantly sink in duck skin full of fat. The duck meat is juicy and tender. Melted my heart!

Other menu we tried is steamed chicken in bowl. This one use spicy rice (like Hainan) and steamed chicken which taste also heaven! They steamed very well, no mushy-texture, and deep marinated. For HKD38, this bowl gonna bowl your mind up high! Oh, P.S.: it's not me or Mas Gepeng make the bowl dirty before we eat heheh.

Where to find them?
No. 5 Cooked Food Centre, Bowrington Road Market, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Use MTR, stop at Causeway Bay, go to exit A (Times Square), and walk around 10 min.


Hoooossshh writing full in English this long make my stomach itchy. I wish this post help you to find halal food in Hong Kong or give you some powerful information. Food experiences in Hong Kong are priceless. Even it's halal doesn't mean the chefs are not Hong Kong people. That's why along with the delicious food, the combination of eating while being surrounded by busy Hong Kong people and market environment gives your senses a complete Hong Kong food experience. Next post I'll share snacks we tried in Hong Kong. See you soon fellas and have a good day!

P.S.: I'm still learning to write in English, if you find wrong grammar or have recommendation about better sentences, please let me know so I can fix it because sharing is caring. Thank you :)


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