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Hong Kong’s Photo Essay: Free Attractive Place and Other Things We Enjoyed so Much!

Along with Singapore and Tokyo, Hong Kong also has reputation for being one of the most expensive city to live in, even in the world to live. The increasing population in the city, makes even massive the buildings and skyscrapers. Increased development also makes price of residence in this place more expensive. Based on that fact, we prepared ourselves with LOT of free-and-beautiful-places-list in Hong Kong and LOT of savvy-tricks to save more money. And here I’ll also share some photos we took there as we walked like hours haha.

I’m glad knowing that Hong Kong has so many beautiful public spaces. Gardens, fountains, and even little zoo you can enjoy for free. Since Hong Kong known as their well-groomed skill, you may thanks to God for have you good days without dries your wallet. We explored a lot of garden but I’ll share my favorite: Kowloon Garden. From Chunking Mansion (where we stayed –red), walked for 5 mins, follows some stairs, and you’ll see historical building and chairs lined up neatly. You may sit there as long as you want, enjoying windy and freezing situation, watching old man talk to his friend about life, or a woman focus reading newspaper without forget to sipping her Starbucks

As they have historical building, they also have museum telling stories about many historical building around Hong Kong and interestingly, they use nice analogy to tell that. Like a fairytale, or family story. That makes boring-historical-facts more edible.

We're not made it to Edward Youde Aviary, but Yuen Po Bird Garden in Mong Kok is one of free attractive place we enjoyed so much! Basically we love animals –well-mannered animal to be specific, and this place actually the most clean birds market I’ve ever seen.

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